Saturday, December 01, 2007


EBThreads is finaly open. Granted I didnt get as much of the product line done as I wanted to because I spent the last two weeks sick. But I said I would be open by December 1st.
For now the Threads and Tattoo shop are in two seprate shops but soon they will be combined into one mega store!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Torn and Bloody

New yummy goodies! Introducing EBT-Torn And Bloody tattoo. Though not like normal tattoos you see in Second Life this was made with the roleplayers, halloween partiers, and freaks out there. It comes with gloves, socks, undershirt, shirt, jacket, underpants and pants layers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Main Store Location

I have had to move my main store due to the sim it was in (Sisterhood) going bye bye soon.
Sooo check out the new store in the sim of Outrider, right across from Outrider Animations.
My main store location now also accepts the First Meta Card.

If anyone has any questions about the First Meta card feel free to IM me and I can give you the info needed.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tribal Accents

The Ink Block is over! I had a huge creative block the past few weeks as RL weighed heavily on my shoulders and after staring at photoshop for a few hours the other day I was finally able to get to work and come up with this beauty along with creating a unique and different background for it then my normal plain black and silver. Tribal Accents is a full half body tattoo ( if that makes any sense O.o) that is fully tintable inany color you like and comes in every clothing layer possible.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RAWR! Yeah I know itsbeen awhile O.o But you gotta go check out this female armor from Manticorps.

I will post my latest project in a day or two when I finaly finish it.

Friday, April 27, 2007

New tattoo

Well I am finaly getting back into the swing of things so here is one of the new tattoos I finished. I have more I am working on along with a few surprises.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Computer hates me

So I had some drive problems and well...all of my tattoo stuff is gone, all my flash, the ones I had recently finished, the ones I was working on, my photoshop files...kaput. So it will be awhile for me to rebuild my library of goodies and get everything back in order. But im stubborn damn it!

Sooo be patient and I will get a new tatt out now and then while I rebuild everything.


Monday, January 22, 2007

To my customers and would be customers

So I had an issue last night with a would be customer who we will call X. Now X seemed nice at first, wanted custom work, w hich if any of you have read my profile lately, it says im not taking custom work right now. But I figured since I had a bit of time and what she wanted was easy enough, I would take this one. Now later on in the night X became very rude towards my friends and I while we were out. Which lead me to the decision of not doing X's work.

Now when I told X this they became very rude, telling me how long they had been in SL (they were messaging me on an alt it would seem, anyone who knows me knows I hate the alt game with a passion) and how I was making a very bad business decision. It went on and on. Now I have done work in customer service in RL for 4+ years. And I know the whole thing where the "Customer is always right" Ummm no sorry not in my book. The customer is not always right. I reserve the right to refuse business, it is my business after all. To me, someone being whiney and complaining because they are'nt getting their own way does not give them the right to stomp all over the hard working people wether it is in RL or in Sl.

Yes EBT is a business within Second Life, but I do it for a hobby, this is a game folks, I do the tattoos because it gives me one of many creative outlets. I dont often take on custom work, but if you are nice about it and ask nicely then I will be more then happy to, If you turn into a rude customer you can forget it.

Being nice and considerate and not acting like a 14yr old highschool drama queen will get you a long way with me. Being rude will get you muted and banned from my stores. Plain and simple, is it a bad business decision to do this? Maybe, but I would rather have a happy SL then one filled with rude customers because they have keyboard bravery.

if something is wrong with my product by my own fault, I am more then happy to replace it, I have even replaced products that SL has eatten in that oh so lovely rezz bug or inventory loss. I have no problem admiting that hey I messed up on ths tatt and here is a replacement.

So to all the would be customers out there in SL, please show the creators here some respect, remember SL is a game where the people playing it are the content creators. Without them, you would not have a SL.

~Stormy Wilde

Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Tatts...of course

Both of these were done as customer requests! Hopefully the snowflake one isnt an omen and I dont get snowed/iced/flooded in this weekend. Both are full mod so you can change them to any color you want and make copies to put in folders with outfits/AV's etc.